WW2 Veterans

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By contrast, Konstantin uses a sensitive documentary style in his project to photograph WW2 Veterans, an enterprise of historical significance to which he brings his personal passion as well as his technical mastery of light and form to create portrait photography of depth and power. Reviewers say:

‘These photographs of surviving World War II heroes are masterfully crafted testaments to their subjects.’ Mark Jenkinson
‘His subtle use of lighting and composition imbue his images with a strange familiarity, and at the same time a sensation of distance and nostalgia.’ Rodrigo Orrantia
‘The dignity, courage and pride of the World War II veterans, has been so wonderfully preserved by Konstantin and his camera.’ Pro Photo Magazine
This invaluable image collection records a history which is fast fading - as a documentary series it is a resource that will serve researchers for decades to come, and as an artistic project this photographic portfolio reveals Konstantin’s ability to capture mood and personality which is well recognised by the amount of international attention, including publication and exhibition, that WW2 Veterans has received. Once complete, this ongoing project will be published in book format.
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